Urdu Sad Poetry in Urdu & Roman 2012

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Urdu is a popular spoken language in South Asia, especially in India & Pakistan. It has a large number of great poets and people who are working to expand this language. Recently I was surveying the internet for different topics and I was surprised when I saw millions of people were searching for Urdu Poetry on the internet. Specifically, they were fond of reading Sad Urdu Poetry even Saddest Urdu Poetry. And the another important point is that the high percentage % of users were female I mean young girls. Oh, boy! it is really interesting that there are many websites about Urdu poetry and specially about Sad Urdu Poetry... so this is also a place for Urdu poetry. 

You can see an example of Urdu sad poetry below in Picture.

Kahi Mely Tu Use Ya Kihna: 

Kahi Mely tu use ya kehna

Fasal nafrat gira rahi honnn

Gai dinon ko bhula rahi hon

Wo apne wade se phir gaya

Ma apne wade nibha rahi hon

Kahi mely tu use ya kehna!

Na dil ma koi malal rakheyy

Hamesha apna khyaal rakhey

Wo apne sare gham mujh ko de de

Tamam Khushyaan sanbhal rakhey

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